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Whiskas Kitten Pouch Junior (2-12 months) – Mackerel


Mackerel Marvel: Whiskas Kitten Pouch – Mackerel, a delectable feast for junior cats.
Essential Nutrition: Enriched with calcium and antioxidants for healthy growth. Order now for happy, well-fed kittens!
Smooth Transition: Guide your kitten’s journey to adulthood with Whiskas. Start the transition with ease for a well-nourished cat.

Give your kittens the best start with Whiskas Kitten Pouch – Mackerel. Order now for purrfection!

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Whiskas Kitten Pouch Junior – Mackerel is a culinary delight designed for kittens aged 2-12 months.

The recipe features savory mackerel chunks marinated in succulent sauces, creating an irresistible flavor that will make your junior cat excited for every meal. The pouch ensures the slow-cooked flavor and natural juices are sealed in, providing a homemade taste that stays fresh and delicious.

Specifically formulated for the rapid growth of kittens, this wet food pouch is enriched with vital nutrients. Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D contribute to healthy bone development and overall growth. Natural antioxidants support a robust immune system, ensuring your kitten thrives in every aspect.

The soft texture of the food makes it easy for young kittens to consume, providing a hassle-free mealtime experience for both you and your feline friend. As kittens grow 15 times faster than human babies, exposure to various flavors and textures helps prevent picky eating habits in the future.

For optimal nutrition, it is recommended to provide 2/3 of the calories needed by kittens through wet food, with the remaining 1/3 through dry food. As your kitten reaches the age of 1, it is ready to transition to WHISKAS Adult 1+ years. The process is simple – gradually introduce WHISKAS Adult 1+ in small portions, replacing WHISKAS Junior 2-12 months over a week.

Ensure a healthy and smooth transition to adulthood for your kitten with Whiskas. Order the Mackerel variant now and witness the joy of a well-fed and content junior cat.



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