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Kaniva Cat Food – Salmon, Tuna & Rice 3kg


🐾 Premium Cat Nutrition with Real Salmon & Tuna
🌱 Omega-3 & 6 for Skin and Coat Health
🚫 No Wheat, Wheat Gluten, or Corn. Healthy Meow Awaits!

Elevate your cat’s health with Kaniva Cat Food! Shop Now for a happy and meowtastic experience!

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Kaniva Cat Food – Nourishing Salmon, Tuna, and Rice Blend for Healthy Cats.

Unleash the Meow Magic with Kaniva Salmon, Tuna, and Rice Cat Food! Crafted for feline health, this premium blend features real salmon as the primary ingredient, enriched with tuna and rice. No added wheat, wheat gluten, or corn ensures a complete and balanced meal.

Promote healthier skin and a lustrous coat with the power of Omega-3 from salmon oil and Omega-6 from evening primrose oil. These essential fatty acids reduce inflammation, enhance skin health, and give your cat a radiant glow.

Say goodbye to gluten-related issues as Kaniva eliminates wheat and wheat gluten. This reduces the risk of gluten intolerance, allergies, and skin irritations. The absence of corn ensures easy digestion, preventing discomfort and allergic reactions.

Choose Kaniva Cat Food to nurture your cat’s overall well-being. With vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, every bowlful prepares your feline friend to ‘meow’ with vitality.



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