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Drools Adult Cat Food – Chicken

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Drools Cat Food – Chicken Delight: Complete Nutrition for Your Feline Friend in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Protein-Packed Bliss: Drools Cat Food with real chicken, ensuring optimum protein and energy for your cat’s vitality.
Glowing Coat, Healthy Heart: Taurine, omega fatty acids, and prebiotics support skin, heart health, and prevent hairballs.
Digestive Harmony: Formulated with prebiotics and probiotics for a happy and healthy digestive tract.

So, why wait? Treat your cat to the best – choose Drools for a purr-fectly nourished pet!

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Protein-Rich Delight: Formulated with real high-quality chicken meat, Drools Cat Food delivers optimum protein and energy, ensuring your cat stays healthy and active. Say goodbye to mealtime struggles with our cat-approved, delicious chicken blend.

Glowing Skin, Lustrous Coat: Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids work together to support skin and coat health, giving your cat that unmistakable glow. Watch as your cat’s fur becomes a testament to their overall well-being.

Heart Health Assurance: Taurine, a vital amino acid, contributes to a healthy heart, ensuring your cat’s cardiovascular well-being with every bite.

Hairball Protection and Digestive Health: Supplemented with prebiotics and probiotics, Drools Cat Food protects against hairball formation and maintains a happy and healthy digestive tract. Enjoy a clean home and a contented cat.

Balanced Nutrition: Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and organic nutrients, this cat food provides a complete and balanced diet, supporting your cat’s overall health.

Choose Drools Cat Food – Chicken (3kg & 7kg) for a happy, healthy, and content feline friend. Make every meal a moment of joy for your cat!

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